Collagen Induction Therapy

Most of us if not all of us have heard of derma rolling, while great it can also be damaging. As needles rolling on the skin can cause scraping and long cuts on the skin. With

Collagen Induction Therapy also known as Microchanneling temporarily creates thousands and thousands of micro-channels into the skin to be
repaired by new healthy collagen. It also allows topical solutions to absorb 200%-300% more
effectively into the living skin below. During treatment, serums applied (containing naturally-derived
growth factors, peptides and cytokines) restore and increase biological communication within the skin
during the wound-healing cascade that an aging immune system no longer provides. This is why we
recover and heal slower as we get older. A perfect balance of gentle stimulation for your skin to
youthfully heal and repair itself, complimented by the infusion of nutritious and vital factors

responsible for helping you produce... your best skin!


Who is this therapy good for?

-Women and men looking to tighten their skin (face, neck, knees, elbows, hands, etc) who want to age gracefully without botox and fillers.

-Under eye bags and wrinkles. including crow's feet.

-Mommy's with loose tummy skin after babies.

-Post surgery scars. Including tummy tuck, breast lift, etc.

(Must be 1 or more years old)

-Stretch marks.

-Acne scarring


-Sun damage

The skin on the stretch marks will be carefully damaged just enough to induce healing. Just remember, our treatments help to make scars and stretch marks less noticeable.  Nothing will completely get rid of these specific types of skin trauma.

After 1 treatment
After 1 treatment

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After 1 treatment
After 1 treatment

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After 2 Treatments
After 2 Treatments

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After 1 treatment
After 1 treatment

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Microchanneling Pre Treatment Instructions

1. If you get cold sores regulary, taking acyclovir or valcyclovir starting one day prior to your microchanneling will reduce the likelihood of a breakout due to your treatment.


2. Discontinue retinol (2% or higher) or tretinoin at least 3 days prior to treatment.


3. For your first treatment, you can expect mild redness and swelling, and a tight, warm sensation for between 4 & 24 hours.


4. Later treatments can produce redness and swelling along with tiny flecks of redness for between 4 & 72 hours.

5. Drink an extra 24-32 oz of water for two to three days prior to treatment.


6. If possible, please arrive at the office without makeup on, and with a clean, (and for men a clean shaven on are wanting to be treated) face.


7. If you’ve had Botox, Fillers or Threads injected you must wait at least two weeks before getting microchanneling. And you must be satisfied with the results before we can offer you any other treatment

(possible redness after treatment)

After-care Instructions

1. Preferably no other products are applied until the following day, (although technically it is safe to apply products and makeup after about 2 hours).


2. Avoid direct exposure to pet dander and other irritants as best you can. You may experience a mild allergic reaction to pets and other things you typically to do not react to within the first 24 hours.


3. Your skin may feel hot and tight, like a mild sunburn. Moisturize often, and you may apply a cool damp wash-cloth as desired.


4. For your first treatment, you can expect mild redness and swelling, and a tight, warm sensation for between 4 & 24 hours.

5. Mild skin sloughing may occur for a few days after treatment.


6. Mild acne and milia can occur in rare cases. Don’t pick and they’ll go away in a few days.


7. Trans Epidermal Water Loss is a common temporary side effect and could leave you feeling dry through the first week. Keep the recommended moisturizer with you during the day and apply as frequently as necessary to avoid a dry sensation. The more you moisturize the better your results will be.


8. Beginning the following morning; apply the Cellular Renewal Serum and Healing Accelerator to enhance results. Apply daily, morning and evening.


9. Return for a follow up treatment in about a month or as recommended